Enabling small business leaders to take back their time by taking care of the small but vital stuff.

Core Services

The things that keep your business running while you’re busy making it grow.
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HR Support

Your people will look after your business.

You may not have or need an HR team yet, but you still have to ensure that you are managing the inevitable people issues.  I can help with employment paperwork, performance management, absence, employee handbooks etc.


Recruitment Services

Your people will make or break your business.

Getting it right is fundamental to business success, but it can be time consuming, frustrating and costly.  I can take this over for you as much or as little as you like – from advertising, CV sifting, interviewing, candidate management.


Onboarding Staff

Once you’ve found that perfect new team member, are you following up with reference checks and security checks?  Are you ready for them to start?  Do they have everything they need to be successful?

I can manage the onboarding process for you; liaise with new starters and provide an induction.


Systems & Processes

Taking on staff is a big responsibility, you need them to help make your business a success.

I can review current practices and implement systems and processes which will work time and again once set up, this will keep your business running while you make it grow.


People Management

Managing your staff can be very rewarding, but very time consuming.

I can provide simple and effective mentoring support with performance reviews, line management support and training.


Resource Management

If you are a services business, it can be hard to keep a track of who is working on what, when and how much of their time is taken up with it.

I can help you by setting up simple resource management systems to allow you to monitor this.


Solving Common Issues and Challenges

You’re not alone, most small businesses suffer the same challenges.

To take the pain out of HR admin and free up your time, I’ve partnered with breatheHR, providing easy to use HR software designed for SMEs.
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About Me

Hi, I’m Maria.

I have 15+ years’ experience working in operations and people management in the corporate world across several industries.  Tired of helping big business, I now want to use my knowledge and experience to help start-ups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) on a flexible basis to make a difference to real lives by:

  • working with business leaders to improve the way they manage their people – creating strong teams who are dedicated and focussed (because they want to be there)
  • improving recruiting practices – first impressions count
  • putting the right structure in place – enabling businesses to develop and grow

On a personal note, I’m a travel and adventure addict.  I love nature and wildlife, getting away from cities and into the wild are what keep me sane.

I’d love to help you gain work/life balance, your business flourish and keep your people happy.

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